Another quick vent

I’m taking Spanish Lit this semester, and my prof totally sucks. The class itself should be pretty easy, since it’s what I learned with Loca Zinke last year, and I’ve already read about a third of the content for the whole class.

But this prof is awful! He definitely learned Spanish by just taking it in university for a long time, and talks with a complete gringo accent. When we ask when he is available to answer questions, he responds, “Well, I won’t be here at all tomorrow, so don’t ask. I work full time.”
So in other words, he’s an adjunct who teaches for the heck of it. Teaching upper-division classes.

About three-quarters of class time, English is spoken.

And the entire class, every single day, is composed of him lecturing on his thoughts on the literature.

At 9:30 A.M.. For an hour and a half.


But it’s an easy class, and I can pull stuff that looks like literature analysis out of my butt, so I will endure this torture for a possible double major in Spanish.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go analyze “No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros.” Tengo ganas de tituarlo “No Oyes Roncar Los Estudiantes.”

One response to “Another quick vent”

  1. So I mean, nothing wrong with a professor who learned Spanish just by taking it at a University for a long time…. but the rest of it does make it sound like he shouldn’t be teaching that course.

    Just a thought 😛

    Me gusta la profesora Zinke. Es profesora mas mejor que todo.
    Como esta ella? No hamos hablado por mucho tiempo. Es lastimoso.