Say “hello” to iPhone


This thing is beautiful. And revolutionary, too:

  1. The long-rumored widescreen iPod (awesome for movies) with CoverFlow
  2. A super-optimized, ultra-friendly cell phone (other smartphones don’t even come close)
  3. Full-featured web-browser (not a dumbed-down mobile version)

I watched the Macworld keynote today, and Steve Jobs went on about this thing for about an hour and a half- there is that much cool stuff in there. I don’t want one for myself for several reasons (8GB instead of my current 80, Cingular instead of my Verizon, and the fact that I almost never talk on the phone). But it’s an incredible example of Apple’s superb designs in both software and hardware.

One comment Say “hello” to iPhone

Cowboy says:

or instead of a new fancy IPOD you could get a used bolt on Wipple supercharger for your new 01 ford ranger, increasing horsepower into the 245 range, then when you get the money add an K&N Ram air system, then maybe a chip to increase overall engine output and remove that annoying governor…know thats a good way to spend money!

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