The latest manufacturer of WMDs

Guess what? If the Bush administration has its way, we will be manufacturing our first nuclear warhead in twenty years [].

Bush on developing WMDs:

See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don’t attack each other. Free nations don’t develop weapons of mass destruction. [Source –]

Another important expert opinion:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. [Source – Jesus]

We cannot simultaneously attack other nations for existent or hypothetically existent weapons of mass destruction when we continue to create the same thing. Another nuclear arms race, cold war, or anything similar has nothing at all to offer us in terms of security. Also, this program is about $100 billion- unacceptable considering our current budget deficit.

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Adam says:

This is from the link you provided:
“The new weapon would not add to but replace the nation’s existing arsenal of aging warheads, with a new generation meant to be sturdier, more reliable, safer from accidental detonation and more secure from theft by terrorists.”

Why’re you ranting again? Do you like accidental detonation of nuclear warheads? Do you

Adam says:

Sorry, I think it glitched on me.

Why’re you ranting again? Do you like accidental detonation of nuclear warheads? Do you have a hot crush on terrorists with nukes?

Zeke says:

I think that we have serious problems with our definitions of what a “terrorist” is or is not- we are going crazy over how Iraq surely has- er, may have – er, at the time appeared to have – WMDs, and we’ve been there for three years now… And NoKo HAS these weapons as far as we can tell, yet we aren’t doing jack shit about it. If anything we SHOULD be cracking down there, and we would have no problem gaining multinational support (except maybe China. Maybe.)

I understand that it would be safer. But it still comes down to this: we would be manufacturing another nuclear weapon – not the message we want to show the world at this point in the game. We should be showing terrorists around the world that we won’t stoop to their level, and that their inferior antics will be their downfall. Instead, we simply reinforce their motives to arm themselves and threaten us. Obviously they would never gain as much power as us, but we encourage an arms race between us and terrorists.

shana says:

But Zeke, we’re allowed to manufacture nuclear weapons. But new countries aren’t allowed to develop them. Makes perfect sense, right? lol!

Seeing as we probably have enough nukes around to destroy all life on the planet and ensure a millenium of nuclear winter, I think it’s fair to say that we don’t really need any new ones.

If theft of nukes is such a concern, I would think that beefing up security would be a better option than making new ones.

If I’m worried that my house will be robbed, I’m not going to build a new one because it *might* be harder to break into. I’m going to put measure in place to make my existing one safer.

But maybe that’s just me?

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