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So overall, my grades came out where I expected them to – I’m pretty happy with how I did. I have some room for improvement, but overall I had a pretty strong semester. I wish I had done better with Spanish, but like I’ve said before, I think I just need to study abroad for a few months and get the little grammatical rules drilled into my brain.

I did have one pleasant surprise, though. I thought that BD210, my class, was going┬áto be a B+ at 88%. Sure, that’s a pretty darned good grade already, but I was hoping for an “A” because it is, after all, my major, and I’d like to do well in CIS if I do well in anything.
But I checked my official grades today, and I got an A-! w00t!

If I can keep my momentum going, go to a few more classes next semester, and not let my evil classes (stats, business law) get me down, I should continue to do well.


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Katya says:

Nice work, Z!

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