I like my bass LOUDY, LOUDY, LOUDER!

Teh Spearhead was awesome.


(Click for the whole album)

The first night had the worst crowd ever. People have no sense of common courtesy any more. But the second night I got right up on the rail and had a much better time.

The Wailers (as in Bob Marley and the Wailers) were also there on Friday night… I really enjoyed hearing that music live. They had an awesome sound, and those songs are so fun to hear live… Especially stuff like “Trenchtown Rock,” “War,” and “Jammin’.”

One comment I like my bass LOUDY, LOUDY, LOUDER!

Katya says:

Great shots, Z!!!
Thanks for grabbing a stool for us so yr Ma and bongo could watch from the balcony.
It was a blast getting to go to these shows with you, and I can’t wait til Friday for the Rhythm Devils- wahoo!
yr ma

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