iPod for sale

iPod and cases

I am selling all that you see here:

  • 4th Generation 40GB Apple iPod
  • Leather flipcase with belt clip
  • iSkin Wild Side: Verve
  • iSkin: Clear
  • Contour Showcase (Yes, it’s ugly, but so is a bulletproof vest.)

(USB cable for file transfer and charging also included)

Features: Pretty much everyone knows what an iPod does. It plays MP3’s. It plays stuff off of the iTunes music store. It is 40 gigabytes (according to apple, that’s 10,000 songs) of musical goodness. The cases all keep it safe and pretty (…except the Showcase, that just keeps it safe).

Condition: I have been super-paranoid about the iPod… I don’t shake it around, the thing’s a hard drive, after all 😛
There are minor scratches on the iPod, so the back doesn’t look like a mirror any more… Still looks great in and out of a case. Battery life is great, and will definitely last for a while. When it does die (all rechargeable batteries need to be replaced after a few years) it will be very cheap to replace- ~$30 for a new battery.

Age: This iPod is just about a year old (I got it after exchanging a defective one).

Warranty: None from Apple (like I said, this was from an exchange from a 2-year-old iPod). HOWEVER, I don’t want you to be afraid to buy this because of no warranty, so I’ll make a 2-week return policy. Try it out. Don’t want it for any reason? Give it back, no questions asked. (Oh, and I’ll refund your money if you want that, too. But I’ll just take the iPod back if you don’t want the refund 😉 )

Why am I selling it? The only reason is that I filled it. Which is hard to do- unless you’re insane like me and need to have 41 live Grateful Dead shows on there. I now own an 80GB iPod, which should take longer to fill. I figure I’ll spread the love.

Who will I sell it to? If I know you, and you aren’t going to load it up with 8 Britney Spears albums, it’s yours.


You Decide.

Leave me a comment with an offer. Sale ends when I decide so. Highest offer doesn’t necessarily win, and doesn’t have to be restricted to money- that might make it more fun.

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Richelle says:

Do you ship internationally? How does £15.00 sound?

Zeke says:

Sorry, but it’s no longer for sale… I made this post a while ago.

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