Update: Yep, the weather totally sucks today. When I posted that image, I didn’t even bother to look at what today’s forecast would be. A high of 38 is no good for someone who spent the last 4 years in Arizona. This was the first crappy, rainy day that I’ve had to endure in that long, too. Biking with 19 degree wind chills is no fun. Everything is wet, the leaves are all still on the ground (I have noticed that Arizona has plenty of leafblowers but no leaves) and it’s generally gross- but just above the temperature needed for it to turn to snow.

I prefer the heat to the cold. But this year I will have endured the hell of 118-degree Arizona summer, and also a long Colorado winter. Blar. It will probably start to get nice and pretty again around a month before school gets out for the year… 😛

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andy says:

I was wondering if windchill affects other things besides just a person? Does the temperature of a bottle of water sitting outside in a temperature of 37 degrees warmer than a bottle of water held out a window of a moving car in the same temperature but with a colder windchill?

Zeke says:

I’m a nerdy spank for knowing this, but…
Wind affects how quickly our sweat evaporates. This is why we use fans- they don’t actually lower the temperature, but the sweat evaporates off of our skin faster, so we feel cooler. Wind chill is the same basic principle: the wind blowing on our skin makes us think it’s colder. So no, the water bottle doesn’t care how hard the wind is blowing.

Katya says:

We’ll go to REI and get gloves, etc today!
The cold and snow are great if you’re prepared and layered, imho.
When I first moved here the unpredictable weather changes drove me crazy, but eventually I learned the importance of LAYERS.
Love, yr mom

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