I’m fine.

So I’ve gotten more than one phone call since my last post… So I just wanted to clarify to everyone that I’m doing fine. I’m really enjoying time here, I just wanted to put that into context with the “Bigger Picture”.

Yesterday was payday. Payday means new music. I have some really good new acquisitions:

One From The Vault
One From The Vault – The Grateful Dead

Shakedown Street
Shakedown Street – The Grateful Dead

The Yes Album
The Yes Album – Yes

Close to the Edge
Close to the EdgeYes
Yes totally kicks butt. Especially in Close to the Edge. It’s Bill Bruford on drums, who I have a growing obsession over.

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Shana says:

I wasn’t going to call you, but I was going to post to tell you to get off your ass and get to class!!!

Back in my day, we didn’t overtly tell anyone that we were skipping class. Particularly not any parents!

And dude, did you ever think that maybe having a girlfriend was part of God’s plan. The two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
People actually do meet and fall in love from time to time. Just a thought…

And just as a thought, maybe do something besides playing video games all night? Or if you do the video game thing, at least try World of Warcraft and then I can play with you. 😉 This is the first night in about 2 weeks that I haven’t played. (Seriously though, WoW is an awesome game)

Someone’s got to chime in with some sassy tough love from time to time. It spices up the blog a little bit.

Zeke says:

Hey, sassy tough love makes this blog worth it 🙂

I don’t deliberately ditch class (much) as I actually want to be there. Last week I screwed up my sleep schedule when I went back to Arizona, and never really recovered. Because I missed so much class, I’ve instated a mandatory schoolnight bedtime on myself. It feels like I’m in elementary school sometimes, but so far it has really helped.

And WoW sucks souls. Seriously. I play my game maybe 2 or 3 times a week, and that’s making up for all the time I didn’t play video games in high school because I was too busy with school! 😉

I do view a girlfriend (and the other things I listed) as stuff in God’s plan for me. I was just noticing how I focus so much on things that I kind of want, and not much at all on what I really want.

Uh-oh. There’s a scroll bar on my reply. That means it’s too long. I’m at work 😀

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