Biology nerd? No.

All is quiet here on the Corbett C3 front, as everyone’s taken off for the weekend. SO…. I am immersing myself in video games for what feels like the first time in 5 years or so (I got too busy when high school hit, so I plan on making up for lost time.)

I ran into this really cool video today… I hate biology because it’s so darned hard to understand, and I’ve always been more partial to Physics because I can always see its direct effects. But this video is really awesome… I can’t remember most of the stuff that I see, but I recognize a lot of proteins and even a golgi apparatus. I suggest watching the high-res version if you can spare the bandwidth (…which I can, with my crazy university bandwidth at home).

And now I shall clean my room. And by clean my room I mean play Final Fantasy VIII until someone else shows up on my floor.

One comment Biology nerd? No.

Shin says:

Bleh- I was never one for biology, either… mostly because I feel like it’s just a bundle of information that’s being hammered into my brain. Whereas… chemistry and physics are more like two-way streets- I have to think, and not just absorb. Yep.

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