2 days.

I move into the dorms in 37 hours. (not that I wasn’t totally excited or anything…)

My bike’s already locked up on campus. I’m feeling paranoid- the CSU bike locks suck. And it’s going to be locked up to one 24/7, except when I’m actually riding it. To make matters worse, I got a good new Kryptonite lock, but it’s smaller than my old one- meaning that I have less space to fit my bike frame, the post, and my front wheel through. Grr. I don’t want my baby being stolen- but I guess I just need to adjust my mindset.

My new job is nice – since I have such an open class schedule, I should get some good shifts. And the schedule stays the same every week- meaning no horrible unpredictabiliy like my days at Taco Del Mar.

Right now I’m fiddling with my computer setup – trying to make kubuntu run well, but it doesn’t like my laptop screen. We’ll see. I’m putting XP Pro on it in a week, so maybe I should wait. blar.

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I gotta new hat

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