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This is the last post I will make while living in Arizona. The next time I come back here, I will be a Coloradoan again.

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Sarah says:

Happy moving Zeke! I still remember when Dad dropped me off at Temple U in north Phila, mid-winter, not knowing a soul. It was weird at first, scary and exciting at the same time. Enjoy the newness! xxo Sarah

Jess says:

This is really random, but what IS the name of the CapitalOne credit card with “Starry Night” on it? I can’t find it anywhere. I really want that card, and I was googling it to figure it out, and that’s how I found your blog.

Zeke says:

Um… It’s just a CapitalOne Platinum card. “Platinum” doesn’t mean anything, credit-wise…. Probably if you apply for it online, they’ll give you the choice.

blah says:

today I was totally craving something from Goldbar so I went there and got another chocolate drink…mmmm

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