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Fickle Blogs!

And yet again, I have switched blogging engines. I now run WordPress. Seems very nice, although it took me most of last night and this afternoon to get it up and running (it has a lot more naked coding- less user-friendly- that is, until it’s running!)

Other than that, not much has changed. I like this.


3 comments Fickle Blogs!

Zeke says:

And…. testing comments!

Alan says:

You shouldn't switch so often 😛

What's the RSS feed for this one so I can get it syndicated?

Zeke says:

RSS 2.0:
RSS 0.92:
Atom 0.3:

But you use firefox…. and you should know that in the bottom right corner of firefox it tells you if a page has an associated RSS feed.

Sorry about the changingness. I'll settle down- I'm fairly sure I like this one, and if I don't, back to MT I go.

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