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  • Hitting the road soon!

    Hitting the road soon!

    For a little over a year, I’ve been researching and preparing to move into an RV full-time. I’ve since bought a truck and a trailer, and with my apartment lease about to end, it’s finally about to happen! I’ve set up Money for Gasoline as a separate blog just for RV stuff. I want to keep […]

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  • Full-Time RVing and Carbon Footprints

    Full-Time RVing and Carbon Footprints

    I did some back-of-napkin math about the carbon footprint of RV life…

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  • Let’s Go!

    This is the first post! I’ve got a lot to say, but right now I’m not ready to talk about everything from the start. Soon I’ll write more with background details about how I decided to get into full-time RVing, how I settled on the trailer and tow vehicle I ended up buying, and what my […]

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  • Video: Colorado.gov Adopts Drupal, Learns Some Things

    I recently did a joint presentation at DrupalCamp Colorado with Jeremiah Wathen, my project management counterpart at Colorado Interactive. We talked about Pacific, Colorado.gov’s Drupal-based hosting platform for hundreds of state and local entities, and what Colorado.gov has learned with each increasingly ambitious project since the initial decision to adopt Drupal.

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  • Video: Parachuting into Drupal Crazy

    Video: Parachuting into Drupal Crazy

    This week I spoke at the DBUG Drupal meetup in Denver about an unglamorous but very important thing that comes up for any technologist: turning around applications that have, for one reason or another, left their users unhappy. I also had no idea that DBUG meets in a TV studio and is broadcast live on public […]

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  • Keep life priorities in balance: Check.

    Keep life priorities in balance: Check.

    In my personal life, I’ve always been one to prefer spontaneity over structure; relaxation over regulation. For a long time, I’ve clung to that at home as a way to compensate for all the organization that’s crucial in my work. But this summer, I’ve been trying something more deliberate to keep a balanced daily life. Every […]

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  • My Resolution for 2013 That Worked: Carrying a Real Camera Everywhere

    My Resolution for 2013 That Worked: Carrying a Real Camera Everywhere

    2013 was the first year I made a New Year’s resolution: to carry a real camera around everywhere. It went great! Photography has been a strictly casual hobby throughout my life. It’s always been something that lets me capture enjoyable things that happen in my life, but never something that itself became a focus of […]

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  • Photos: Third Eye Blind in Denver, 12/6/2013

    I just saw my fifth Third Eye Blind show at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, and it was one of the best.

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  • Millennials, Begone!

    This year, all the uninspired rants against my generation got a bit too much to handle: Writers: Every time you say “millennials,” you trade any real analysis for stereotypes made of your own anxieties. Lazy and corrosive. — Erin Kissane (@kissane) September 16, 2012 I just cooked up a Chrome extension called “Millennials, Begone!” to […]

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