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Aweditorium: Great Music Discovery for iPad

Aweditorium for iPad Screenshot

Devs keep on cranking out top-notch apps for the iPad that simply wouldn’t happen on another platform. This time up, we’ve got Aweditorium, an app that takes great music and supplements it with good (yet minimalistic) visuals to make for a great music discovery experience. Aweditorium supplies music, biographical information and photos on new artists, all streamed from their servers. The app has the ability to share a full stream of a song on Facebook or Twitter, and also encourages users to buy songs they like most straight from the iTunes store. (It should be noted that most indie artists get 70% of all revenue from the iTunes store.)

Aweditorium tickles me in all the right places:

  • An excellent example of iOS apps’ capability to let technology help us experience art in new ways
  • A fun and easy way to find and share great music
  • Yet another channel for independent artists to get serious exposure without an evil music label

Yeah, my Apple Fanboy quotient is off the charts today. Blame Aweditorium, they’ve made a first-rate app.




The press embargo for iPhone 4 reviews is over. Engadget, who does a pretty good job of objectively reviewing devices, has a very thorough iPhone 4 review. I’m surprised by just how positive this review is – Apple must have really hit it out of the park this time. Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky went as far as to write:

“We can’t overstate how high-end the design of the iPhone 4 is. The 3GS now feels cheap and chubby by comparison, and even a phone like the HTC Droid Incredible — which just came out — seems last-generation.”

Way to twist the knife, Topolsky. I feel like I’m missing out now with my 2 month old Incredible. (I keep telling myself, “I went with Android for the software, I went for the software…” It doesn’t help.)