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Dev Team

At my College of Business job, I recently moved from the security team lead position to an application development one. I’m really happy about the switch- I’ve been trying to get into a development role for about 10 months – but now I’m entering the nitty-gritty, “oh-god-I-don’t-know-these-languages” world. It’s an all-Microsoft shop, so I’ll be picking up some C# and ASP .NET pretty soon here.

So far, it’s been interesting trying to learn by fixing pre-written apps instead of building them from scratch. Not my learning method of choice, but it does let me see the results of my actions more quickly. Also, project scale and dependencies are way larger and more complex than anything I’ve done freelancing for small business customers. Welcome to the enterprise, eh?

But I’m in a job where my brain is tickled, I like the work, and I’ll know a lot more coming out of it. That makes for a happy Zeke.

(now if only I actually knew the languages I’m using…)