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Cell Phone Bills

I am overspending a ton on my AT&T Wireless bill. My plan:

  • 450 Anytime, 5000 Night & Weekend minutes ($40)
  • Unlimited iPhone Data ($20)
  • 1500 Text messages ($10)

After taxes and fees, my monthly cell phone bill comes out to $80.06. My actual usage, however, is much less:

  • 116 daytime minutes (almost 75% of my talking happens during nights & weekends, or on free mobile-to-mobile calls)
  • 58MB iPhone data
  • 346 text messages

I got my iPhone for the internet features, not the talk ones. And if I break it down, the $30/month I spend for data and SMS is a really good deal compared to the competition. But why am I spending $40 a month for a lot more than I need? It’s pretty ridiculous that the lowest I can go with an AT&T plan is 450 minutes per month. I guess I could shave off $10 by reducing my texting to 200 a month. (I won’t go into how ridiculously inflated text messaging charges are. It’s like charging ten bucks for three-cent soda.)

I don’t like spending almost $100 a month on my phone. Humph.