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  • Get in, loser. We’re going racing.

    Get in, loser. We’re going racing.

    Finally made it to my first big NASCAR race – the EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. COTA is a gem. Thanks to Texas hill country, there are great views around the whole track.

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  • Watches for Sale

    Watches for Sale

    I recently picked up a hilariously boring hobby: collecting watches. It’s time for me to thin the herd a bit – I’m still learning plenty about the differences between a watch I appreciate and a watch I use. So these are up for sale on eBay (since I haven’t been doing this long enough to […]

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  • Computers for Pros: Goodbye Mac, Hello ThinkPad

    Computers for Pros: Goodbye Mac, Hello ThinkPad

    Back in February, I sold my 2017 MacBook Pro. For a couple of years, I had been grumbling about the direction Apple products have taken. I did have problems with the infamous butterfly keyboard. I actually liked the touch bar – except for its tendency to freeze at the exact moment I need to mute […]

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  • Reflecting After 2 Months Of Full-Time RV Living

    How are things going? Really well. Much better than expected. I spent a year and a half anxiously questioning the entire decision to live on the road, as well as sweating the many things to learn and responses to things that could go wrong. Other full-timers warned me to expect the first few months to […]

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  • Resources for everyday folks on internet privacy and security

    Resources for everyday folks on internet privacy and security

    I’ve had several friends from non-computing fields ask me for advice about tools for better privacy and security online. Some of this is in reaction to recently repealed FCC privacy rules that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling their customers’ private browsing information. Some of it is concern about an increasingly invasive surveillance state, […]

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  • Saving Money: Top RV Gadget Purchases I DIDN’T Make

    In the 16 months or so I spent researching and preparing for life in an RV, I came across countless blog posts and videos about gadgets and upgrades that make RVing easier. Some people get into full time RV life as a way to save on their daily cost of living. While that isn’t my primary […]

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  • Video tour of my Arctic Fox 25Y

    So I’m finally on the road! Have been living in Miles for 3 weeks, and on the road for one. I’m still working full time, so I haven’t figured out where blogging fits in my usual routine. I did find time over a couple of weekends to slap a video tour together, though! This was […]

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  • Since I started working towards full-time RVing in late 2015, I felt a little boxed in by my city life. Now I’m spending a few weeks with family in Fort Collins before I hit the road. This is my view every day. It doesn’t get old. 😊

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  • AWNINGS! (Good gawd.) What are they good for?

    AWNINGS! (Good gawd.) What are they good for?

    First, the good news: I’m moving out of my apartment this week, and today I moved my first truckload of stuff into Miles! (I’m not moving into Miles full time yet, but am taking a pit stop with family for February because I didn’t want to start out during the coldest month of winter.) But […]

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