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For Broken Strings: New Acoustic EP by Josiah Thiemann


My buddy Josiah is taking the Fort Collins music scene from all angles – he is at once a solo acoustic performer and a drummer in heavy metal band Split Second. (A year ago we got to share the stage in Deliver Me Seven). His new acoustic EP, For Broken Strings (warning: iTunes link), just came out for $3.96.

As always, Josiah’s songwriting comes through as the genuine article: his lyrics are meaningful, unpretentious and contemplative. In  For Broken Strings, he delivers them in the context of acoustic guitars, light percussion, and strings. The title track gradually builds from subtlety to catchy pop-punk.

I suggest you check it out – it’s a steal at under four bucks – and pass along the word to your friends if you like it too.

Post-Break Motivations

Right now I really, really want to:

  • Kick the tires on FL Studio 8, which just came out
  • Build the new Deliver Me Seven website on WordPress 2.5, which is in Release Candidate stage and looks like an awesome update to the CMS software
  • Write out a couple of percussion pieces for the band (think 3 drummers, one bass.)

Notice anything missing on that list? Yeah, school kind of gets in the way of things. Grr…

Everyday Joe’s

We had a blast at Everyday Joe’s tonight. It was our first show with a really good sound guy and a monitoring system that actually let us hear ourselves so we could lay back a bit and enjoy it all.

Jeff Penoyer brought his DSLR and got some amazing pictures; my mom got some good ones, too:

We’re taking the month of March off, but have a ton of great stuff planned for April, including our CD release party.