Super Tuesday

If you are registered to vote in one of these states, I would strongly encourage you to vote for these candidates on Tuesday. Democrats: Barack Obama The Democratic Party is down to two candidates with almost identical policies. This brings the decision of who deserves the Democratic nomination to one of character, reliability, and electability […]

Democratic Debates

I watched the Democratic debate in Iowa last night. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I actually think it made me like Hillary Clinton more. I still say that Barack Obama is the best to lead America in 2009. But I support him for his ideals, for his youth that separates him from […]


Yesterday’s caucus had some interesting results: Barack Obama, my personal favorite (aside from Kucinich, who is a long shot) won the Democratic caucus. Obviously I’m ecstatic Hillary Clinton is in third, and trails by over 8%. I think that America is rejecting the status quo, so this is a good thing. Ron Paul somehow managed […]


13 years can change a lot. I have said in the past that if Hillary got the Democrat nomination, that I would vote McCain. Senator, you’ve just lost my vote.