I love talking with the public.

I love talking with folks in the tech community, brainstorming, debating, the works. I invite you to comment here on ; I’m also very active on Twitter (@ZekeWeeks) . I have accounts on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and probably whatever else is new, but not as publicly active with them.

I’d love to hear about your job opportunity. Here are my rules of engagement:

  1. Use the form below. Recruiters have told me that mere web contact forms show a “lack of effort” on their part. The truth is that I very publicly invite people to contact me through online channels, and for that reason I am going to be very put off by someone who instead circumvents these channels and contacts me by something I want to keep private. This form is the most informative, respectful, and effective way to elicit a response from me. The ability to engage with me over the Internet is itself a litmus test for whether we are a cultural match. (I actively avoid organizations that can’t get things done outside of phone calls and meetings.)
    A few things will get you ignored or blacklisted:

    • Unsolicited phone calls at home or work. The phone is off-limits to those without existing direct relationships.
    • Contacting me through a company email account (except my own company, Blazing Wheel). I invite you to use the form below, which goes directly to me.
    • Calling my employer and asking them to have me call you. (Yes, someone did that.)

    I know I sound picky about this, but I want to start things off on the right foot, so I ask that you respect my privacy and current responsibilities in this manner.

  2. Know the details of the company and job. I talk to too many recruiters who don’t know anything about the job opening beyond the need for skills X, Y, and Z. Yes, I know X and Y, and would love to work more with Z, but I care a lot more about the company mission, business model, and culture, so I need to talk with someone intimately familiar with those things.
  3. Pitch me on the specific work I’ll be doing. Tell me what specifically the person will be doing every day. (No: “Drupal development.” Yes: “Optimizing content creation workflow for Drupal-based SaaS product.”)  Make me excited about the work!
  4. Set your company apart. I don’t merely chase the best paycheck and benefits. Tell me about the company’s character and culture. Tell me what your organization values most, and how you differentiate. Tell me how you do and don’t measure success.
  5. Provide the company name as soon as you can: (Recruiting agencies only) I understand some recruiters can’t give the name of their client away on the first contact. That’s not the end of the world, but please don’t make me jump through several time-consuming hoops before I can even evaluate the company’s merits independently. If you give me enough of the other information described above, and I follow up to ask more, I’m going to want to know the company name no later than that point. I don’t go behind recruiters’ backs when they have been formally engaged by an employer to find talent. (If the company hasn’t asked you specifically to find talent, you should not contact me.)

Contact Me Privately

At home, I’m in the Mountain Time Zone, and observe Daylight Savings Time. (Click here to see the local time.)

If you need to reach me privately, you can do so through this form, which goes directly to my personal email account. Please respectfully consider that this form often contacts me while I’m with loved ones or getting some R & R; I cannot guarantee receipt of or response to every message.