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Photos: Mickey Hart Band, Winter 2013

I must admit having low expectations initially, but in the last year, I’ve now been to five Mickey Hart Band shows. Live music has been a big part of my life forever, but it’s rare that a current band excites me this much.

This week, I went to two MHB shows at the Fox Theatre in Boulder and the Oriental Theater in Denver. They were excellent as always; it was also the first time to a show with my new camera, a Sony NEX-6. Concerts are some of the only events for which I take lots of photos, and I have a long history of struggling to get the right settings to capture good photos in a terrible lighting situation. I used these shows as an opportunity to acquaint myself with the new camera, and see how much quality I get compared to my old point-and-shoot cameras. The results are decent, but perhaps the biggest thing this shoot taught me was that I need to get a lens with a much wider aperture so I can shoot at higher speeds.



After months of putting up with drab white walls at my new Denver apartment, I finally sucked it up and went to a crafts store. The reward: that store was having a giant clearance sale at the time, so I bought up a bunch of frames for my concert posters and photography from Spain and Prague. I haven’t decided where to put them all yet, but just having them ready to put up already makes me feel more at home.