Blazing Wheel Campaign Privacy Policy

Sometimes I run ad campaigns for Blazing Wheel LLC, my consulting company. Those campaigns sometimes include forms to generate sales leads. This policy applies to information submitted by those forms.

Information Blazing Wheel collects, and how it’s used

Blazing Wheel collects basic contact information for the sole purpose of responding to expressed interest in consulting services. I don’t put this information on any mailing lists or give it to others, except the companies involved in my own private storage of the contact information, or in my initiation of contact as I assume is requested via form submissions.

This information is used to initiate a sales response with the submitter a maximum of one time for each contact method given (email, phone, social media account). Any further ensuing communication between us is direct and not subject to this policy. If someone uses Blazing Wheel’s forms improperly by giving me someone else’s contact information instead of their own, I’ll remove the improperly submitted data as soon as I’m made aware.

These ad campaigns can be run via third party companies. If you encounter one of these ads on a third party’s website or application, their use of your information is subject to their privacy policy and any other terms of service you may have agreed to with them. Blazing Wheel is not liable for anything that results from these third parties’ (or their associates’) use or misuse of your information.