Aggregating reports on protests in Egypt and other Arab Nations

The recent uprisings in Arab nations are pretty fascinating. I’m trying not to annoy everyone by writing incessantly about it, but for those who actually are interested, I recommend two sources for following these events as they unfold:

First is my “jan25 reports” Twitter list– Egypt’s government has essentially turned off the Internet, cell phone networks, and phone lines to most of the country, but reports are still managing to get out. This feed includes eyewitness reports and outsiders actively sharing relevant material from others.

Second  – and possibly a little lower volume and higher in significance – is Al Jazeera English’s Anger in Egypt spotlight page, updated with their newsroom’s latest.

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any recommendations for other Twitter accounts of those reporting from the protests, as I’d like to improve my own list and share it with anyone who might follow.

Update: Duncan Wane recommends The Guardian’s Live News Stream of the events.