Obama’s Afghanistan Surge

So let me get this straight:

We are throwing even more resources into this war where we’ve already learned that we can’t win by brute force. Where the overruns of the Soviet efforts in Afghanistan played no small part in the fall of their empire. And worst of all, the plan’s success is dependent on two governments: Afghanistan, which can’t even show the world that it can carry out an untainted election, and Pakistan, which can barely keep the Taliban away from its government and its nuclear arsenal. If they can’t follow through – well, I guess our country’s interest in that region’s security is somehow a nonissue.

My pacifist side is incensed that we’ve gone after this “oh tons of money and weapons will keep extremists from bombing us” strategy for so long without end. Real diplomacy and international cooperation could have gotten us so much farther and avoided making enemies in the world. My pragmatist side wonders how the heck the “lets do more of the same and hope it works, and if not we’ll start pulling out as if everything will fix itself” strategy could work in the first place. Honestly, this strategy is very reminiscent of second term Bush ones.

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