Counting Down

3 days until I’m done with school. 18 days until I take off for Spain.

Right now my feelings are split between apprehension about looming finals and pure excitement about Spain. I’m sure that all the academics-related anxiety will go right out the window come Wednesday and I’ll be giddy as hell. I have a feeling that the next 2 weeks will go by with unbelievable speed.

This weekend I got to see lots of friends one more time before I head away for five months, which was great. Beth, Lee, Dave and Cory just went to Spain in September and brought back pictures, recommendations, and recipes.

One thing I have yet to decide is how I’ll document my trip. I want to be careful not to spend so much time taking pictures, blogging, and chatting on Skype with people from home that I miss the opportunity to just take it in and enjoy it. Obviously I’ll be blogging on and posting photos. One of my roommates suggested that I should video blog while I’m there, which is kind of an interesting idea. I dunno.

Really, at this point almost all the preparations that can be made have been made- for the other big unknowns I’ll just have to wait and see what I want to do when I get there.  That’s not easy for someone as excited as I am, but I think I’ll manage. (Also that time could be better spent brushing up on my European history, among other things 😛 )