What To Do About Having Long Hair

I ran into this today… Bassist Matt Williams of He Is Legend wrote this post on WhatToDoAbout.com . Since traffic to my blog seems to spike whenever I talk about my hair, I figured I’d share a couple of good quotes from it here-

PRO: Long hair on dudes attracts attention. Especially from girls/women. (ie. “Oh my god your hair is so long and gorgeous!” “I’m so jealous of your hair!” “It smells so good!”)

CON: Those girls would never be caught dead dating you. You’re looked at more as a novelty than someone they are attracted to. They will never admit that to your face. Its the truth.

…If you’re a dude, just don’t have long hair. Thats what to do about it.  Cut it. I look ridiculous, and so do you unless you have boobs and don’t grow hair on your face.

As for my own hair… I’ve yet again done the thing where I say for months that I’m due for a cut, and it’s gotten long enough in the meantime that I’m not sure I want to cut it now. I am such a fickle idiot when it comes to my hair.