Summer (an overview)

This is finals week. Starting to get things in order for summer, here’s how they look so far:

  • After finals week, I’ll switch from the security team to the development team at work. I’ll be working on a large-scale content management / document collaboration website migration.
  • For the first four weeks of summer (until mid-June) I’ll be taking an accounting class on campus. Two hours a day for a month. While I despise accounting, summer is a really good time for classes I’d rather ignore.
  • I might get some June visits from my dad and from my uncle John’s family
  • In July, there are possible trips to Arizona or Brigantine, New Jersey
  • In August, I’ll be moving into the Plum House where a bunch of guys I know through RESET live. It’ll be a great spot- everyone there is awesome, and the house is just a block away from campus.

I’m looking forward to all of it. The only thing standing between me and summer is an evil final and a take-home project. Frustrating.