Hillary, Release Your Returns!

Hillary Clinton hasn’t released her tax returns since she left the White House. Since then, she has amassed a large amount of wealth – enough to personally loan her campaign $5 million – and the American people have no idea of where she got that money.

Barack Obama – like many members of government – release their taxes to the public regularly. Mrs. Clinton says she will release her returns, but she is “too busy” to do so now.

Mrs. Clinton, you are most certainly busy. Much more so than I. But alas: I am releasing my 2007 tax return to the public, right now. It took me all of five minutes. All it takes is a Sharpie and a quick scan or fax.

Why should we wait until after many more primaries to hear where you got your money? We deserve to know this now, before we cast our votes for or against you. Release your 2000-2007 tax returns to the public. It was easy for me, it will be easy for you.

Tomorrow I will fax my return to the Clinton campaign office. I encourage anyone reading this blog to do so as well:  215.625.0379