Double Bass

So I bought a double bass drum pedal a year ago, and started seriously practicing my two-foot technique about three months ago. About a month ago I started feeling comfortable enough to use the pedals in performance for short drum fills, so I’ve brought them to three Deliver Me Seven shows since.

This month we’re taking a little break from live gigs to get the album out and to improve our show, which has already paid off for us in both musical growth and rest from the feeling that a show is always only a few days away. It also has helped me sit down with a metronome and try to get my two feet closer in rhythmic accuracy to where my hands are now. It’s not quite there yet, but this has been the first week where I’ve felt confidence that my feet are capable of playing together as a unit for longer than just a couple of beats.

It’ll still be a while before I’d feel comfortable drumming in a metal band, but it’s exciting to know that I can at least pull some stuff off.