Study Abroad?

I went to the CSU Study Abroad fair today- got me very excited about the possibility of going to Spain sometime.

My thoughts, in completely random order:

  • When should I go? I’m a second-year student taking 100-level and 300-level classes at the same time. I don’t want to go too late when I can’t take anything that applies to my major.
  • I really need to bring my GPA up. If I do well this semester, I’ll be good for most schools, but the most interesting one is more selective and I probably can’t even get into before 2009.
  • Where to go? Barcelona seems the most interesting, except that I’m more interested in mainstream Spain than I am in Catalonia. Granada also seems really cool. Maybe Madrid.
  • How long? People say I should go for a longer amount of time, but that would mean harder housing arrangements while I’m gone, taking a long time away from the band, et cetera.
  • So long to graduating without debt!

So yeah. It’s very exciting to think about- I’ll be meeting with advisors and people in the study abroad department to figure out what fits me best.

Any advice on España? I am interested in any that you may have. 🙂