Blogging about blogging

I miss writing.

Feels like I barely write here any more. That’s OK overall, just a sign that I have become a bit more introverted again.

But I do miss being in the habit of writing daily updates here. It helped me put my own thoughts in order. Sure, a lot of posts I used to write were mostly “here’s what I did today”-type material, which is boring to all but the most pathetic of snails.

I have a backlog of 30+ post drafts that I never hit “publish” for public consumption here. Most of them I ranted for several paragraphs, and realized that I was caught up writing about an issue that wasn’t too important to me in the first place. Oh, well.

Another thing to consider would be moving my blog to a social network instead of a standalone website. People have to actually think “gee, I wonder what Zeke’s up to” and come here to see what I’m writing. If I started blogging on Facebook, LiveJournal or (God forbid) MySpace, it would be readily available to a lot of my friends. That said, I don’t want everyone on my friends list reading my blog all the time… Which is kind of why I’ve kept it here for a while. Hmm.