Fall 07

So I’m almost done with the first week of school. I’m taking some good classes (Networks/Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Business Management) and some not so fun ones (Accounting, Statistics). Not a bad combination overall.

One thing I’m liking is my schedule – last year, I had class all day for two or three days a week from 8 to 4 or so. On the days I didn’t have class, I had work all day. It wasn’t pretty. This year, My classes are spread out to a few each day, and I work the lunch shift six days a week (including Saturday). This means that on most days, I can be home by 2:30 or 3:00 if I want to be.

I have run into a few friends from the dorms. It’s nice seeing them – everyone leaves town for the summer – but I still miss my friends in Arizona most, despite the fact that I’ve been here for over a year now. I have learned that I am very good at wearing both the introvert and extrovert hats, but that I am happier when I’m around people that I can be myself around. Up here, aside from my folks, I don’t really have that.

In other news, I passed my audition into the music minor program at CSU. I can’t take anything this semester, but it means that I’ll be able to take the piano and theory classes I’ve been wanting to take. I am very rusty on some things (namely marimba) but this isn’t a super-serious thing, just something I want to do on the side.