Today was our first day out snorkeling. We went on a three-hour tour (no Gilligan jokes, please) on the barrier reef outside Caye Caulker. The first stop was in shallow waters on stingray feeding grounds. I was on guard at first since I haven’t been around them before and had thoughts of Steve Irwin running through my mind, but later it was a pretty calm “I’m cool with you, but come too close, I will mess you up” experience.

Next we went pretty far out… Lots of impressive, deep coral. And two manatees – they were a trip.

Overall, it was really fun… I’ve been snorkeling twice before, once in the Yucatan at Isla Mujeres, and once on a quick dip in Hanauma Bay in Hawaii on the band tour. Both weren’t the greatest experiences, mainly due to the $5 rental equipment that I was using. I could only put up with 10 or 15 minutes because of the salt water that kept coming down my snorkel. But before this trip, my mom bought me my own snorkel, mask and fins, and it makes all the difference; I don’t have to worry about my gear crapping out on me and I can go out for extended amounts of time.

I am hoping that I can work up enough of a tan to upgrade me from “pasty whiteboy” status to a shade of tan that says, “doesn’t work in a computer lab.”

Still no photos. Gotta go to a different internet café for that.