I am a self-admitted victim of Grass Always Greener Syndrome (GAGS). My laptop is no older than 10 months, and I already want something else. Don’t get me wrong, this thing works awesome with huge battery life and features up to the gills with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I can do everything I need from this one system.

But with how much I use the thing, I really should be using a desktop computer. Parts die a lot more slowly, and are cheaper to repair. Another year on this thing with my crazy usage patterns, and it’s gonna start Googling “seppuku” on its own accord.

In any case, I am developing a serious case of Mac envy. True, Vista does a lot of the Mac stuff that Windows users have missed out on for five or six yeats, but it just lacks the top-down integration present in OS X. It’s got some of the polish now, but it’s like comparing a luxury Hyundai or Daewoo to an Audi or BMW – it has very similar functionality, but it’s still just missing something!

So I’m scoping out my options. I would be totally irresponsible to ditch this laptop for another one, since it’s seen so little use and I’ve poured about $1400 into it. About 75% of the time, I’m using it at home, so a desktop seems like a wise choice. Here are possible ways I could go:

  • iMac Desktop at home, current Vista laptop at school (Cost: $1,175 including Office)
  • Ubuntu/Vista Desktop at home, Laptop for school (Cost: $400-600)
  • Sell the Dell, buy a MacBook Pro (Cost: $1000 after selling the Dell)

Yet again, Apple has a $500 premium over the PC. In terms of actual utility, it’s simply not worth it (that’s why I went with Dell over Apple last year). But I still want it!

I guess that this is just another example of why I shouldn’t covet worldly goods. This is how I become financially irresponsible 😛