I had my last day of real classes today. I feel really relieved. All I have from here out are three finals, only one of which am I worried at all about (my Business Law final is worth 33-40% of my grade, is 1/3 true-false, and means the difference between a D and a C). So starting tomorrow, my main focus switches to moving out of the dorms and into the house. I am a slow packer, and I have a lot of crap, so I had best get a move on with it.

Tonight we had our last floor meeting in the dorm. It’s definitely getting to that awkward “we’re all leaving each other” phase, but not nearly as bad as high school was because we’ve only known each other for 8 months here. After the meeting, we went out to the courtyard and had tons of s’mores… And I did more picness:

Corbett C3 S’mores

So it was fun. Whee. But at the same time, I have that crappy “I’m only going to keep in touch with about five of you” feeling. Meh.