Another Confession

I just spent like… an hour and a half on MySpace. Again, I feel dirty.

I’ve had a profile for something like six months now, but refused to touch it because… well, it’s MySpace. No explanation neccessary!

But now it’s ever so slightly more bearable. Adblock Plus gets rid of the 25% clothed banner ad women that take up 40% of the screen, and Windows Vista’s new application-specific audio mixer mutes the music that people put on their profiles, without interrupting the music that I actually want to listen to in iTunes.

So that still leaves… the butt-ugly web interface (come on, people, at least throw some AJAX in there!) and, of course, the 75% of pEoPLe oN mYspAcE THat aRe jUSt aNnOYinG miDdLe ScHoOlerS whose existence is one whole drama revolving around who just dropped who off of their Top 8.
(Apologies to my sister, who happens to be a middle schooler, even though she herself surfs MySpace pretty often 😉 )

But it got me in touch with people who don’t really bother with Blogs, Facebook, e-mail, or really any other way of communicating with me. So I’m willing to downgrade it from “100% evil” status to maybe “Evil like Starbucks” status – meaning it’s still horrendous, but when there’s no better around, you can be really glad to have it.

In other news, Cory, one of my closest friends from Arizona, decided to come up on a spontaneous visit for a couple of days. So my spring break isn’t going to suck as much as I thought it would. w00t.