So I make it a point not to blog about work much, lest I be dooced or otherwise draw the wrath of the drama demons. But I figure this is worth mentioning, since it’s kinda big-

I am now Security Team Lead at work. It’s a big fancy title, with the responsibilities and abilities to be blamed for more stuff that come with it.
Quite obviously I’m excited – it’s nice to be moving up in what I anticipate to be my career field. But overall, it is big and intimidating… I have a lot to learn. But it’s probably like learning to swim: the best way to learn is to be thrown into the lake and be forced to learn, and learn quickly.
So w00t? w00t.

I also just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, my blogging engine… And I must say that I can’t believe what passes for a stable release these days. It’s buggy on my end, writing posts and stuff… the WYSIWYG editor is missing images, so I have to handcode if I want to format anything… and a lot of the scripts are still really buggy. 2.1 came out of beta way too early, and I’m not the happiest that they passed it off as stable. Usually I’ll trust Open Source stable builds, since they’re community edited and quickly patched.
But for the 93% of you who aren’t Alan, all this means for you is that there is a possibility that something might not work right. Like viewing from Xanga or something. 

UPDATE: I was an idiot, and blamed WordPress for something that was my fault – it’s called clear your cache. F5, stupid, F5!
(This I discovered after a couple of hours restoring backups, messing with FTP servers, merging old files… And it was all a tiny browser issue! Avast!)