New Year’s Meme

Ganked from Alan. First sentence from each month of posts on this blog, with commentary:

  1. January: “So the Kimock shows were totally amazing.” I got to see Steve Kimock Band four nights in a row in San Francisco. I haven’t seen them since- blar. They are all busy with their own bands. Hopefully they’ll get back together this summer or something.
  2. February: “Hola.” (not too much to comment on there…) I had just taken my first practice AP in Spanish and got a 4- which is how I did on the actual exam. Boy, did that class help me. I am basically taking the same spanish classes this year at CSU, and so far, I learned more with Zinke.
  3. March: “Got accepted to Colorado State today!” …er, yeah. w00t for CSU! My top choice was UC Santa Cruz, but I would accumulate $100,000 in debt if I went there for four years. And, as one wise teacher once told me, I would probably end up ditching class every day at UCSC, in favor of the beach and illegal substances. Also worth noting: last known haircut for me was 3/2/2006.
  4. April: “Mom came to town!” She came to Phoenix for a couple of days. We went to Sedona. ’twas fun.
  5. May: “AP Spanish done.” ’nuff said. The last month of school was a pain. But oh so much fun.
  6. June: “Wow… Been a long time since I’ve posted here.” I had the best summer ever. And no time to waste online talking about it.
  7. July: “That was fun.” (that was the entire post.) I went on a 4,444.4 mile roadtrip with my best friends. It was a blast. 12 days of the American west. More inside jokes I can think of. I lost the game.
  8. August: “I’m taking a required alcohol education online course for CSU. It’s freaking torture. THERE’S NO FAST-FORWARD BUTTON!!!” (OK, three sentences, but necessary for comedic effect.) Since taking AlcoholEDU, I have learned that nobody learned anything from it.
  9. September: “All is quiet here on the Corbett C3 front, as everyone’s taken off for the weekend.” This doesn’t bother me any more. Less people = faster internet.
  10. October: “So I’ve pretty much decided that my current Spanish class (LCC300S, Reading & Writing for Communication) is basically an easier version of last year’s Spanish 9-10 class with Loca Zinke.” Wow, I confirmed myself from the future!
  11. November: “If the Department of Homeland Security has its way, profiling and stereotyping will be used against you whenever you try to enter or leave the country.” Still true. Did I mention that the immigration process is very easy in Canada?
  12. December: “So, the coffee on CSU campus has always sucked.” Except in Rockwell hall. Being back in Arizona makes me appreciate what I had at Gold Bar. I have a nice new coffeeshop in Fort Collins, but it’s out of the way.

So there you go. Happy 2007.