Last Friday I went to Littleton and saw the Rhythm Devils. They are:

  • Bill Kreutzmann (Drums – Grateful Dead)
  • Mickey Hart (Drums – Grateful Dead)
  • Steve Kimock (Guitar – Steve Kimock Band)
  • Mike Gordon (Bass – Phish)
  • Sikiru Adepoju (Talking drum master)
  • Jen Durkin (Vocals – Deep Banana Blackout)

A pretty heavy-hitting list. It was a good show. Horrible venue, drunk crowd, but a good show. It makes me wish I had been born a few decades earlier to really appreciate Mickey and Billy’s drumming. Those guys have some crazy solos, and they have an amazingly synchronized style (anyone who has tried to keep 2 drumsets going at once will understand how hard that is. I think I started to develop a little bit of this with Pat after 3 years of drumline, but only in a small degree.

Not much happened this weekend. That’s OK.

But now I’m sick again. I hate dorms because they’re a complete bacteria breeding house.