It’s nice being done with high school. I won’t have homework for a while. Saying goodbye to a lot of people that I’ll probably never see again was a little weird, but it happens every once in a while.

Went to this place called “Narrows” up near Payson yesterday… Basically a part of Tonto creek that has great cliff diving. It was really fun… Got a horrible sunburn, and we did a lot of more difficult hiking (at parts it turned more into swimming up the creek… Backpacks were very wet. We plan on going more this summer, it should be a total blast. Despite my horrible ankle and shoulder burns, still managed to go swing dancing, too!

Work is already cranking up the hours. This is great- getting a headstart on my MacBook savings. I had a little mini-rite of passage on Friday, got my first credit card- a CapitalOne card with Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” for a design. It’s pretty. And will build my credit rating. And has a whopping 20.05% APR. Bleah.

That’s about all for The Zeke now. ‘ta!